Important to know, before you might expect to have found free Heaven!

The OC v.2.x Themes I used for my OC v. LIGHT + V-Pro Projects can mostly be found on

and it usually only requires the new Theme header.tpl - footer.tpl - stylesheet.css files, to so have another design, all other files are automatically linked into the custom theme from the default theme section, as standard in OC, if a Custom Theme file does not exist. And by simple use of another Theme Stylesheet and some Background Images, one can create multiple colored Themes by use of the default Theme Code only, as well.

But I don't plan to offer a great big bunch of free Extensions for unknown to me Downloaders, I rather tell the real Fans, how to get it done, This, because I expect others, to learn, how to handle OC Code, if they care about, to make real use of this fine piece of software. And some always just try to generate Income out of others Work in the upmost easy way, but such is not my intention behind this either,

I like to help, but it is your plan, to start an Online Business, so, better be willing, to either pay for Knowledge, or then, learn to do it..

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